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New lip liner + photoshoot

Hello my lovely readers! 🙂

So today I will share with you my new favourite lip liner ever!! I bought this one in Yves Rocher which is my new favourite shop!! I can’t stop buying new things there or just simply go in to the shop and smell all of the perfume and try the new products! But if I go there I will come home with some new thing! 🙂 😉 But back to the lip liner this is the ‘Yves Rocher Stylo Levres Automatic Lip Liner’ in the color ’32 Rouge Foncé’ and this is how it looks:


I really love the color because I wanted a fall color (purple or something like that) and I just found it and it is perfect for me! It has a beautiful color and it’s very long-lasting. I use it without any lipstick and maybe this is weird but I like it like that.

Let me know which is your favourite lip liner or lipstick! 🙂

So here are some pictures! 🙂
IMGP9061 IMGP9064 IMGP9065 IMGP9066 IMGP9068