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Get The Look-Lucy Hale

Hello My Lovely Readers!

In today’s post I will share something new. Something which I never did before but I found it so much fun making it. So hope you will enjoy it!

Okay so this post is about Get The Look and for this post I got inspiration from Lucy Hale. I search for some photos on her Instagram and on Pinterest. I chose three photo and I thought I will recreate those outfits. So let’s start this!

Okay the first photo is this one.


She is wearing a romper and a denim jacket with a pair of black heels. And don’t forget about the sunglasses.

To recreate this outfit I wore a romper in the same color (at least I think that is the same color) from H&M with a denim jacket. Unfortunately I don’t know where I bought it. I wore a pair of black heels too but mine has a little bit different style. And I added a  sunglasses too. Here is how it turned out.

While we were taking photos one of my kitty climbed on me. I love him so much!

Okay the second photo that I picked is from Instagram too. This is a more casual outfit, this is great for workout clothes.She wore a graphic t_shirt with a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. Here it is the original photo.

I found a pizza patterned T-shirt in my closet I pair with a simple pair of leggings and with a sweatshirt. Here it is how it turned out.

And the third photo that I found on Pinterest is just a simple everyday outfit with a simple pair of jeans and a white off the shoulders blouse with booties. Here is the picture and how I recreated it.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments which outfit was your favourite. Hope you have an amazing week so far! See you soon. Bye!:)

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New lip liner + photoshoot

Hello my lovely readers! 🙂

So today I will share with you my new favourite lip liner ever!! I bought this one in Yves Rocher which is my new favourite shop!! I can’t stop buying new things there or just simply go in to the shop and smell all of the perfume and try the new products! But if I go there I will come home with some new thing! 🙂 😉 But back to the lip liner this is the ‘Yves Rocher Stylo Levres Automatic Lip Liner’ in the color ’32 Rouge Foncé’ and this is how it looks:


I really love the color because I wanted a fall color (purple or something like that) and I just found it and it is perfect for me! It has a beautiful color and it’s very long-lasting. I use it without any lipstick and maybe this is weird but I like it like that.

Let me know which is your favourite lip liner or lipstick! 🙂

So here are some pictures! 🙂
IMGP9061 IMGP9064 IMGP9065 IMGP9066 IMGP9068

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Fall Clothes Inspiration

Hello my lovely readers! 🙂

I didn’t write nowadays and I hate this but I don’t have any time!! But I try to post at least once a week.

And a really exciting news: last night I saw The Maze Runner 2 before the premiere!! And OMG Dylan! He is soo cuteee!! Anyway the movie was really good so if you want to go to the cinema or just want to see a really cute boy then you have to watch the movie! But the 3 part is only coming out in 2017. And I can’t wait!!!

Back to the post. So today I show you a clothes inspiration for fall. Because fall is here and I love watching inspiration posts so I decided that I do one! 🙂 I picked out outfits with skirts because I wear skirts and dresses all the time! Even if the weather is very cold or it’s snowing I don’t care I wear them! 🙂 Comment if you love skirts too. 🙂 But because I can’t wear skirts every day and I don’t have that much skirt and I think everyone wear jeans so here are some outfits like that with big scarfs and boots.

So here are the pictures! 🙂 :

Let me know in the comment which one is your favorite and you prefer skirts or jeans! 🙂

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This is  think one of my favorite! 🙂

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And here are the outfits with jeans:

8f40be82e499008be519dca8470bf6e3 945be321aef0a52a42f3393e99ec4e92 822fceaeb0a3402016274f478d7f2bf9

I love this big and cosy pull!

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OOTD: 23. Aug. #RainyDay

Hello my lovely readers!

For todays post I planed out I will do a rainy day outfit. Because nowadays it rains a lot and if rains somewhere too then why not write a little inspiration for you. I have 2 outfits for you.

The first is this: I wear a flannel with jeans and of course my wellingtons. When it rains I love to wear colorful clothes because… I don’t know why hahaha! And PS.: I forget my umbrella but I had in my bag so that is why I don’t have in these pictures. 😀

So here is my number 1 outfit 🙂 :
  IMGP9729 IMGP9738  IMGP9764 IMGP9765IMGP9816


Here is my number 2 outfit:

IMGP0075 IMGP0084IMGP9998 IMGP0026 IMGP0034 IMGP0098 IMGP0099IMGP0118 IMGP0121 IMGP0020IMGP9993

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post 🙂

Le me know which outfits was your favorite? 🙂