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Hair story/HOTD💇💆

Yesterday we took some photo with my bestie and I realized that why not do a HOTD (HairOfTheDay) (->if this is exist…if not why not make a post like this) post becouse these pics were succesful I think.

Only a few words of my hair. I have long brown hair. Maybe it have a little ombre effect but this all is natural. I don’t use heat on my hair and i don’t dye it. It is naturally straight but recently wavy and I don’t know why but I always wanted wavy/curly haur so I’m happy little.

So this is my hair and here is some picture (like/comment if you want to see more pics:) ) :
IMGP0294IMGP0296 IMGP0297 IMGP0298 IMGP0299 IMGP0308 IMGP0314