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OOTD-07.13. Beach photoshoot

Hello My Lovely Readers!

Today I will share you some photos of our latest trip on the beach. We took really good pictures in the sunset too. So now I want to share with you those.

In the pictures I am wearing a bathing suit with a pair of denim short.

Here are the photos.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tiny post. Have a wonderful day! See you soon. Bye!:)

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OOTD-07.09. Photoshoot w/ skateboard

Hello My Lovely Readers!

Today I will show you a few pictures from my last little photoshoot. These photos were taking with my little skateboard because I wanted photos with that for a long time. That idea came from Pinterest because I saw some really cute photos of couples with skateboards. And I decided why not to try take cute photos.

And also because this is a new hobby for me which I recently discovered and I’m really enjoying it.

I was wearing a white sweatshirt (this is I think for summer because it is not thick at all so that is why I wore in the middle of the summer) with a simple pair of shorts and my new shoes (I did a post about that shoes and about my sweatshirt too. I bought those recently so if you curious about that post you can click here.) So now finally here are the photos.

 So that was all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed this little post. Have a wonderful day! See you soon. Bye!:)

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Photo shoot (july)

Hello My Lovely Readers!:)

Today I’m showing you a few pics from our bicycle tour photo shoot. I thought why not to share with you some photos. The background looks amazing. I love the clouds it looked breathtaking and in the pictures it looks very good too.

Hope you guys having an amazing week so far and hope you like my photos. I will see you guys next time. XXX

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OOTD: 1. August 2015.๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘š๐Ÿ‘ 

This is my first OOTD post!! I’m soooo excited!!!!!

So today was a good day with a cute outfit! Me and my big family celebrated name days and my grandma’s birthday! We went to a restaurant and ate a lot… but it was good and fun! We took sooo many family pictures with my grandma’s new tablet. I think that’s all so here what i wore today:

11798124_1091547804218641_2089458192_n 11805923_1091547767551978_268234015_n 11815975_1091547954218626_693174721_n 11830846_1091547987551956_919725540_n

I wore a cute floral pattern dress from Springfield. I really love it it’s so cute and elegant too. And of course everybody like my dress.ย And I upload a picture to Instagram.

11824165_1091547717551983_1476853548_n 11801987_1091547220885366_261037272_n

I wore the dress with tis very beautiful high heels with lace pattern. I got this shoes for my elementary school graduation and I just looove this shoees!! One of my favorites!!!


Opps and one selfie of course… ;D

Songs of the day:

Demi Lovato – Cool for the summer

Ross Lynch – On my own ย (-> from Teen Beach 2)