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Fitazfk overall review

Hello My Lovely Readers!

It has been a long time since I updated you about my ‘fitazfk jouney‘. So here it is.

As you could see in the last two posts that I made about Fitazfk’s guide I was pretty impressed about the programme. I still think that it is great just not for me. Maybe because I was not fully committed or something. So I can say that it wasn’t the BIG break-through for me. However it pushed me on a new journey but I will talk about that later in a different post.

Well the biggest difficulty for me was the equipment. I mean almost all of the workouts in the last two weeks had to be done with equipment. Which is not fine for me because I don’t have any weights at home or kettlebell or anything besides a yoga math and a jump rope. I wasn’t in the mood to spend money for things that I may not use again and I just don’t have enough room to keep weights in my apartment. So I was there with no equipment.

(But this can be my own personal problem and I don’t want to blame the guide because it was in it that some exercises need equipment. I just didn’t think that some means every.)

The other thing why I stopped doing it is that we went on holiday with my family and there was just too many food so I stopped for a few days and there were the lack of equipment so I totally stopped trying after that. And I lost interest too.

But I would still recommend the guide to people who are fully committed and have weights at home because it is a great way to become more healthy!

I think that is all for now. Hope you found it helpful. I will post soon about my health journey because I think I finally making progress to achieve my goal: BEING HEALTHY. If you are curious than you can follow my blog. Comment if you want to share your own experiences or give some advice.

Hope you having a wonderful day! Enjoy every moment because life is short. Have a great day! Much love


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1st week of Fitazfk

Hello My Lovely Readers!

Well, first week is almost over so I’m here with a little update on the Fitazfk 28 days fitness guide. If you haven’t read my last post about the guide (that was about my first impressions) and you are curious you can check it out here.

Fitness part:

The guide is really nice. It gives a helpful description about the exercises you should do so if you are not familiar with the name of the exercises or how to do them don’t worry you will understand it easily. There are sessions 6 out of 7 days. The last day is rest day so you can chill and don’t have to do anything just follow the diet and that is all. There are days when you should do HIT sessions (means High Intensity Training) and there are days when you should do toning exercices, and build muscles. Each day the exercices last 28 minutes. Like I mentioned in my previous post there are different levels of difficulty that means if you are a beginner you should do less reps than an advanced people should. At the beginning they test if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced so you don’t get to decide which one would you like to do. The sessions are not that hard especially for those who are ‘in shape’ and work out. BUT I still got very sweaty doing some session. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that there are exercices which recommend to have equipments around you. Sadly I don’t have this at home so I did everything with bodyweight only. I think this is the only downside of the guide. The equipments. Because not everyone has weights at home.


Nutrition part:

I mentioned that there is a meal plan, a diet that you should follow. I think this is not that hard to follow because if you are eating healthy now than this won’t be a difficulty. You should eat a ton of veggies which is fine for me because since I was a child my fuel was veggies and fruits. And because of that it wasn’t easy for me to skip eating fruits. The diet says that you can eat a handful of berries before working out or if you are craving some sweet. Sadly I ate a little more than that… And I had 2 days with family which means I didn’t follow the diet every day. I wasn’t able to resist the fruit soup and the grilled cheese that my grandmother made. I know that is a shame but I tried to drink  tons of water after that to cleanse my body.



The guide says that after this first phase you should lose 2-4kg. Well I think I lost a kilo or maybe 2 but I think there would be a bigger result if I follow the guide constantly. I feel much healthier and that is great because the last 2 weeks I was on a holiday and I felt like crap when I got home (that is why I started this guide) so this is already a great result for me. I can’t wait to continue this journey and to share it with you too.

Hope you have an amazing day! Thank you for visiting my site. If you have questions or anything to say comment and I will answer for sure. Love you all!

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Fitazfk first impressions

Hello My Lovely Readers!

Long time no see. Here I’m for testing this new fitness guide named Fitazfk for you. I saw this everywhere so I thought let’s give it a try. Before I bought it I wanted to read about more and watch the ‘result’ and just simply that what was the experience like. And I found nothing. So I thought if someone would want the same then here I’m with some help.

So this first post is about my first impressions of the guide. Well it looks nice. It has a lot of pictures in it and helpful images about the different exercises. It describes everything very clearly. It contains a meal plan and exercises for each day. (I bought the 28 days fitness challenge.)

It has 3 different categories for beginners, intermediate and advanced so this way everyone can have a workout for their own needs. There are different variety of exercises and trainings in the guide so you don’t have to do the same thing every day.

The meals contain a lot of vegetables, meets and eggs which I really like. But sadly the fruits are not really in the diet.

That is all for now after the first week I will update you all. I hope you have an amazing day and don’t forget to have fun! Love you all.

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Day 7

Hello My Lovely Readers!

Today post is about my top 10 favourite food so let’s get start it!

  1. Pizza
  2. Waffles
  3. Steamed veggies
  4. Cake
  5. Fruits
  6. Pasta
  7. Cookies
  8. Popcorn
  9. Pea soup
  10. Fried potatoes

It is a little bit weird list but this were the 10 food which came into my mind. I think that is all for today.

Have a nice day!:)

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Day 6

Hello My Lovely Readers!:)

Today I changed the theme of the post. Again. So I will share with you an outfit of mind which I wore yesterday. In the pics I’m wearing a printed blouse with a simple pair of jean and a cute pair of shoes. And of course necklace and rings. Oh and on my hands there is henna and on my leg too.

Have a nice day and a great week-end!:)

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Day 5

Hello My Lovely Readers!:)

Today is about my guilty pleasure. And that is definitely food and series.

I don’t know what to say about these so I thought I will list here my top 5 favourite series.

  1. Vikings – I think this is my favourite series now. It is so good!*-*
  2. The Big Bang Theory – all time favourite
  3. The 100 – the first season was the best but I love the whole series. Now it is start getting very interesting I think.

But I’m watching too many series and I can’ choose which are the best.:/

I don’t know what else to say so tomorrow I will come with a new post!:)

Have a nice day!:)

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Day 4

Hello My Lovely Readers!

I don’t know which is my earliest childhood memory so I thought why not to change this day’s post to an another one.

Well I think it is time to post some pics. Because before I stopped I always posted photos. I found these at my phone. These photos were taken at New Years Eve and I thought why not to share this. So here are a few for you! 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful week so far!

Have a nice day!:)

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Day 3 – Meaning of my buisness name

Hello My Lovely Readers!

Today I’m talking about my “business name”. I am not sure what is this really mean but I will talk about my blogger name.

Well, this is not my real name. Katherin Smith is just a name that I figured out a long time ago. Katherin is a name which was always one of my favourite. First I heard this name in The Vampire Diaries. I loved her caracter. And sicne that my fav name ever is Katherin. And the Smith was the first last name that I came up with. So this is all.:) Not a big story:D

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Have a nice day! 🙂

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Day 2 – 20 random facts about me

Hello My Lovely Readers!:)

I’m back today with the post for the second day of the challenge. Let’s start this! 🙂

  1. I am a vegetarian. I started this diet about few months ago and I love it! Before I officially sayed that “I’m a vegetarian” I have not eaten a lot of meat so it was not hard to start and do this.
  2. I love YouTube!! More like obsessed…! I love watching almost every kind of videos ( vlogs, lifestyle videos, tutorials, fashion types, music videos (of course), etc…). I could spend hours watching it. My favourite Youtubers right now are Erin Rose, Sierra Marie, Aspyn+Parker, Alex Centomo and I could continue for all day.
  3. I’m recently get obsessed with indie-folk music. I discovered this kind of music nowadays and I LOVE IT! So relaxing and ahw love it!
  4. I love doing hairstyles for me and for anyone else! Especially braids and messy, boho hairstyles! Those are my favs!!
  5. I love booties and heels.
  6. I’m really enjoying concerts and festivals! So I am so happy because the summer is almost here with all those big festivals! But before those, the next week I will go to a concert! Yeyy I can’t wait!
  7. I hate bugs and spider!!
  8. Even so I love nature! I love the sounds, the trees and all the flowers and everything (except the bugs;) ).
  9. I often rearrange my room.
  10. I try to change my life style and change me.
  11. I always wanted to go to New York! This is one of my big dream!
  12. I’m a very messy and disorganized person.
  13. I have to wear glasses but I rather wear contact lenses.
  14. I love buying new stuffs. Even if it is only a new notebook or pen I love the feeling when you have something new to try.
  15. I love travelling! My biggest dream is to travel around America.
  16. My favourite thing in the world when the weather is rainy. I love the sound and smell of the rain! I think that is the best thing ever! Especially the big storms at the summer time.
  17. My favourite animals are cats! My all time favs. Cutest things ever!
  18. I’m a very talkative person.
  19. I want to try box.
  20. I love try out new things (even if I afraid of them).

This is all for today. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Have a nice day!:)

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31 day blog challenge – Day 1

Hello My Lovely Readers!:)

I decided that I want to come back here and write again. I know I have not written anything for a long time. But now I trying this again and I hope I will not give this up!

So that is why I wanted to start with a challenge. I found this picture in Pinterest (favourite website ever*-*) and I thought why not to do this. So let’s get start this right now!:)

The first day I have to do an introduction. Well, I’m 17 years old and I’m living in Hungary. I have one brother and one sister and they are both younger than me. At school I’m in a french class. This means that we learn maths, geographic and history on french. We have to go to high school for 5 years because we had a plus first year when we only learn french. And because of that, english is just my second language at school and the teaching is not that good so that is why my english is not the best but I try to learn as many as I can. (This is one reason why I started blogging. I hoped that my english will evolve.) Okay, I don’t know what else to say…:D  If you have any questions leave me in the comments and I will answer it!:)

So I think that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this little post!:)

Have a nice day!:)

(Here is the challenge which I just started. If you have nothing else in your mind and you need a little inspiration try it!:) I’m curious about it!:) If you do this challenge let me know in the comment!:) I will check it out!:) )


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