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Day 2 – 20 random facts about me

Hello My Lovely Readers!:)

I’m back today with the post for the second day of the challenge. Let’s start this! 🙂

  1. I am a vegetarian. I started this diet about few months ago and I love it! Before I officially sayed that “I’m a vegetarian” I have not eaten a lot of meat so it was not hard to start and do this.
  2. I love YouTube!! More like obsessed…! I love watching almost every kind of videos ( vlogs, lifestyle videos, tutorials, fashion types, music videos (of course), etc…). I could spend hours watching it. My favourite Youtubers right now are Erin Rose, Sierra Marie, Aspyn+Parker, Alex Centomo and I could continue for all day.
  3. I’m recently get obsessed with indie-folk music. I discovered this kind of music nowadays and I LOVE IT! So relaxing and ahw love it!
  4. I love doing hairstyles for me and for anyone else! Especially braids and messy, boho hairstyles! Those are my favs!!
  5. I love booties and heels.
  6. I’m really enjoying concerts and festivals! So I am so happy because the summer is almost here with all those big festivals! But before those, the next week I will go to a concert! Yeyy I can’t wait!
  7. I hate bugs and spider!!
  8. Even so I love nature! I love the sounds, the trees and all the flowers and everything (except the bugs;) ).
  9. I often rearrange my room.
  10. I try to change my life style and change me.
  11. I always wanted to go to New York! This is one of my big dream!
  12. I’m a very messy and disorganized person.
  13. I have to wear glasses but I rather wear contact lenses.
  14. I love buying new stuffs. Even if it is only a new notebook or pen I love the feeling when you have something new to try.
  15. I love travelling! My biggest dream is to travel around America.
  16. My favourite thing in the world when the weather is rainy. I love the sound and smell of the rain! I think that is the best thing ever! Especially the big storms at the summer time.
  17. My favourite animals are cats! My all time favs. Cutest things ever!
  18. I’m a very talkative person.
  19. I want to try box.
  20. I love try out new things (even if I afraid of them).

This is all for today. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Have a nice day!:)


I'm a 17 year-old girl from Europe. I'm blogging for fun and to save memories. You can except post about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Hope you enjoy my blog! Have a wonderful day!:)

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