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Shoes inspiration

Hey lovelies!!

I want to do a hair inspiration and a shoes inspiration post too but my last post was about hair so I decided that I will do the shoes post.

Recently I really obsessed with the high heel shoes but I don’t have as many as I want. YET. But I know I will sooo many heels! And if I could wear high heels every day I’d do it! But I go to high school and there I don’t like to wear high heels. Okay the first day of the school I’m going to wear heels because why not…? But everyday unfortunately I can’t wear them.

But enough talk. Let’s see the pictures! 🙂

Let me know in the comments what pics is your favorite!

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I love these cute vedges!


I really love the shoes with bows!

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I am obsessed with this color and any kind of blue!

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And of course I can’t forget the floral pattern shoes! I have skirts, dresses and shirts with this pattern but I don’t have shoes. Oh I almost forget I have a sneakers with floral pattern!!


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