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Rainy day with pictures☔️📷

Today was a rainy day and becouse my hair was curled (just in no heat way💆🏼) and the curls were beautiful and cute I thought I have to take some pictures. And becouse the whole day was boring😴😩

Ps.: in the pictures i try to be act like a model👯 but in some picture i just simply look weird☺️😅

Ps2.: yes i know my English is horrible but i forget everything what i learned and now i’m practicing💪🏻✌🏻️

Ps3.: and yes there are soooo many mistakes… Or i don’t know but i think there are… And i’m sorry😕😓

So there are the pictures😊

imageimage image








I'm a 17 year-old girl from Europe. I'm blogging for fun and to save memories. You can except post about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Hope you enjoy my blog! Have a wonderful day!:)

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